The Company Name


Inspired by our main field of work:

“A Service Electronics Engineer works with installation, operation and maintenance of electronics, computer, network equipment and systems.”

Our core values


  • HSE

  • Honesty

  • Dedication

  • Professional behaviour

  • Have leading technological competence



  • SEE is proud to fully comply with requirements specified by (NS-EN) ISO 9001:2015.

  • SEE is proud to be Achilles JQS Qualified.

  • SEE are electronic communications (Ekom) certified by The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) for doing installations and services on electronic communications Networks.

  • We are Vissim Certified Partner:

    “Leading Offshore Asset Protection”
    Vissim offer products and support for integrated marine and offshore operations. We supply VTS, surveillance and asset protection systems, oil spill detection, voice communication and support for logistics.


  • All SEE engineers are certified to work in the Oil and Gas industry in the North Sea.

  • SEE engineers have training and experience working in shipyards, ports and harbours both in Norway and abroad (Singapore, South Korea etc.)

  • SEE engineers also have experience with equipment-test for shipyards and the offshore industry as FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Site Acceptance Test).

  • SEE team has worked extensively with radar (VTMS) systems, VHF installations with associated cables and antennas, and CCTV cameras worldwide

  • All SEE engineers have work aloft training (fall arrest) and experience with communication tower installations.


Phone: +47 75 40 20 30


Mail Address: Bromsveien 31, 3183 Horten, Norway