Project engineering 

  • Site Surveys

  • Project documentation

  • Equipment rack building

  • Equipment configuration

  • Equipment testing (Factory Acceptance Test) with end Customer

  • Packing

  • Installation team leader

  • Mechanical Completion check with end Customer

  • Commissioning

  •  SAT (Site Acceptance Test)

  • As Built Documentation

  • Operator Training

  • Technical Training

What is project engineering? A project engineer is the technical support for the project manager and the one that take over from the sales engineer once the customer has purchased the solution from the sales engineer.  


The first order of business for the project engineer is to ensure that the technical specifications from the customer in the purchase is the same as the one from the bid so that there won't be any big surprises during the delivery of the project. 

The project engineer can, in this face make documents like FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) Procedure, SAT (Site Acceptance Test) procedure, installation procedure, work packs, network diagrams, etc. And support CAD personnel making drawings and diagrams ensuring that they are correct. 

The project engineer is also ideal for reception control of ordered equipment, supervising production and setup of system for testing. 

The project engineer is also the ideal person to perform the FAT with or without the end customer as witness. 


Once the tests are finished, the product is packed and shipped to customer/site the project engineer can be used as the site manager for the project during the installation and commissioning. 

The installation and commissioning can be performed by the project engineer alone on smaller projects. 

During commissioning the project engineer will be able to make red-marked drawings if necessary. After commissioning the project engineer can perform the SAT with or without the end customer as witness. 


Once the system is installed, commissioned and tested the project engineer will be able to provide an installation/commissioning report and SAT report. 

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